Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Perhaps a laugh or two...

Happy Wednesday! We are officially halfway through the week. Hold on, because the weekend is coming! Tonight I thought I'd share some more stories...slices of life, if you will. Welcome once again to our world.

A couple weeks ago when we had the family meeting with the doctor, a funny little exchange occurred. I failed to post about it at the time because there were much more serious issues to talk about, but today I was reminded of this humorous event. I asked Dr. Mowry to tell Mom how important it is to eat regular meals, even if she doesn't feel like eating. I figured if Mom blew me off, then at least she may listen to the doctor. Mom explained how sometimes she doesn't want to eat anything, so she wanted to know if maybe during those times she could drink Boost (the nutritional supplement). Dr. Mowry became highly alarmed..."Tami, don't you know that's bad for you?? We can't have you doing that!" Brian was equally agitated, but I couldn't figure out why they were both getting so upset about it. We quickly realized that when Mom said "Boost", Dr. Mowry and Brian instead heard "booze." Drinking booze when she doesn't feel like eating...priceless. :)

A little over a week ago, I signed up for GLO. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it stands for Greetings to our Loved Ones. Caregivers of loved ones with Alz send cards to other caregivers' loved ones. To sign up, I emailed the woman who organizes it with my mom's address and information about her hobbies and likes to get on the list. I didn't tell Mom I had done it, because I read on the Alz message board how happily surprised one woman's mother was when she received the first card. I thought it would be a nice surprise for my mom too. Well, I didn't anticipate that Mom would get cards when I was Nashville. For four whole days, Mom and Brian wondered how in the world people in other states found out personal information about her and why they were sending her cards. One talked about us having a chocolate lab puppy, and another mentioned having a shared love of birdwatching. Mom was thoroughly freaked out, and Brian was very worried about what Mom may have signed up for online, who had her personal information, and exactly how much they knew. I guess I should have at least told Brian, even if I wanted to keep it a surprise for Mom. You live and learn, I guess. But I felt so bad for confusing them and making them worry for several days!

I've really got to start posting at some time other than right before bed. I'm afraid I have to stop here for tonight because I am oh-so-sleepy at the moment. I welcome your comments and thank you for stopping by.


steflovesnonna said...

HI! Just thought I would stop in and say HI! hehe.

I was also wondering if you have talked to Celia on the forum yet. Her screen name is Still missing granddad or something like that. She wants to talk to as many teens as see can about Alz. I know we both are not teens anymore but hey close right? lol ok have a good day!

flintysooner said...

That's a cute story Kelsi - made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Kelsi, I had a question for you- at work there is a fundraiser going on for our walk for Alzheimer's. Many of the other workers are selling things and one of the items is a purple ribbon. I was wondering if it would alright with you if I bought and wear a ribbon to honor your mom. If you are not comfortable with this I understand but I thought that I would ask. I hope that today is filled with blessings!

Kelsi said...

I am incredibly touched by your request, and we would be honored! I mentioned it to my mom and she was a little confused, but also felt special and seemed pleased by it. Your comments always warm my heart.