Monday, July 23, 2007

Meet Tami

Hello everyone...sorry it has been a little longer between posts this time. I had the wonderful opportunity last week to go to the Music and Worship Conference at Christ Church in Brentwood, Tennessee. It was great to get away for a bit, spend time with some amazing people, and get good info for ministry. I have some catching up to do on the blog, as the day before I left was pretty eventful. Hopefully I will post tomorrow about what happened...but for today, I want to do something a little different. I have decided that I want to blog about my mama: who she is, what I love about her, what she means to me. Today is your lucky day; you get to read a non-depressing post! :) I am realizing more and more how important it is to remember and think about Mom as I know her, not as she seems lately while disease is changing her.

All my life, it has been me and my mom. My parents got divorced when I started middle school, and my dad went off the deep end for a while. We didn't get along at all, and he was full of bitterness and anger. For several years, I didn't even speak to him. During that time, Mom took continued care of my brother and me. Then when my brother made bad choices and no longer wanted to live with us, two remained: Mama and me. We clung to each other during the tough stuff and we celebrated together when good days came. When Mom got remarried, she made sure he was a good one and that I approved. After all, he wasn't just marrying my mom, he was marrying her kids, too. So while others in my life have come and gone, Mom has always been by my side...she and God have been my constants.

Mom wants the best for me. In opportunities, in experiences, in school, in career, in relationships...she has always encouraged me not to settle and to reach my full potential. She wants to spare me from hurtful things and from making the mistakes she made. Like most mothers, she wants a better life for me than she had for herself. She may not always understand where I'm headed or what my goals are, but she trusts me enough to support me even when she doesn't quite get it.

If I had to sum up my mom for someone in one word, I guess I would have to say "cute" because that's how other people always describe her. Almost every single one of my friends who has been to my house says, "Oh Kelsi, your mom is so cute." First of all, she is very petite, which is a good starting point for being cute. But what they're really getting at is her personality. She always bends over backwards to be accomodating and a good one would ever leave my house hungry. In fact, my house is famous for a stocked snack drawer, amazing homemade meals, and at least three kinds of ice cream in the freezer on any given day. Mom invites people to the house constantly. She makes friends so fast it's ridiculous...which is funny, because I think of her as more of a shy person. But when she gets talking to someone one on one, they become fast friends.

I have met few people more caring than my mother. She has such a huge heart and always goes out of her way to help people whenever she can. Whether it's sending a card, saying a prayer, giving time or money, or just giving a big hug, Mom is very sensitive to the needs of others. She takes special delight in helping children by letting them know they're special and loved, and making sure they have what they need. Mom is like a kid-magnet...anywhere we go, they instinctively flock to her and want to sit on her lap or play or talk her ear off. I think it's because when they do, all her attention is on them and she makes them feel like they are the most important person in the world at that moment.

So that is a very, very brief snapshot of the woman I know as Mom. We've had minor misunderstandings through the years, but we have always had a strong bond and love for each other. Most women say only later in life do they become friends with their mothers, but I have the blessing of being friends with mine my whole life. There has never been a time when we have not been close (including my teenage years!). I guess no matter what happens in the coming days, I can be thankful that I have had the privilege of being the daughter of such a wonderful woman for 21 years...that is more than a lot of people can say. I welcome your comments and thank you for stopping by.


flintysooner said...

Hey Kelsi,

Glad to see you're posting again. Thanks for sharing about your mom, too. Great that you had a good time. Blessings and Peace.

Lori1955 said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I am sure she is very proud of the woman you have become.

saj said...

You and your Mom are both very blessed - each to have the other - and both to have God!